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Jacques Delors Library

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Jacques Delors Library


Situated in the Caleidoscópio building, at the Campo Grande Garden, the Jacques Delors Library specialises in European affairs and has a collection of more than 90,000 documents.


Explore in depth the services provided by the Jacques Delors Library and access essential information about the European Union.

Jacques Delors

The Jacques Delors Institute opens the personal archives of Jacques Delors to consult researchers and those interested in the history of European integration.


The Leaf

Bulletin of the Portuguese language in the European institutions

JDL on Facebook

The Jacques Delors Library is present on Facebook with news about the library, sources available for consultation and download, and much more.

Jacques Delors Library

The Jacques Delors Library contains specialized information on European affairs, providing a vast collection of unique documentation and analysis for students and researchers.


Check out the various services of the Jacques Delors Library, available to all registered users, across the country, in person and at a distance.


The services provided include the consulation and loan of documents, with the possibility of home delivery, guidance service and special references. The Jacques Delors Library also benefits from inter-library cooperation with several reference institutions at national and European level.


Monographs and Brochures

 	cl Analytical Documents

Editions on Vocational Training and Education in the EU

CIEJD offers editions in Portuguese on the development of vocational education and training in the European Union.

 	CL Last Records

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