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Study in Lisbon

Project promoted by the City Hall of Lisbon in conjunction with the JDEIC

The Study in Lisbon project has been around since 2014

Projeto Study in Lisbon

Study in Lisbon is promoted by the City Hall of Lisbon and is in partnership with the JDEIC





Due to the strategical environment of the City Hall of Lisbon, the Study in Lisbon Project has provided maximum opportunity and development in the areas of Economics, Innovation, and Knowledge, as it has become a true Erasmus City in Europe.




Strengthening the position of Lisbon as a center of knowledge and innovation


Target Audience


National and international students and researchers




The Study in Lisbon portal is a digital platform that gathers information, actors and initiatives from the city of Lisbon to serve as a promotional vehicle that attracts and retains new talents and ideas. The portal represents a global hub of knowledge and innovation. 


Today, the platform stands with the Public Universities of Lisbon and other founding partners while providing useful information for those wanting to study and get to know the city. It also integrates all current and future intitiatives related to knowledge and innovation in Lisbon.


Its action will focus on promoting the mobility of students and researchers and the developmental relationship between the academic world and the labor market, a link crucial to urban dynamics, innovation and entrepreneurship.


Lisbon is a safe, dynamic and creative city. The cost of living is very attratvice when compared to other european capitals. The city is also cosmopolitan and fequently features cultural events and intititives throughout the year.

Come visit, study, work, feel, and live in a truly inspiring city...LISBOA!


Participation JDEIC


JDEIC participates in the project by supporting its promotion and realization of events

Last Updated: 11/07/2017