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National Social Responsibility Network of Organizations (RSOpt)

JDEIC Partnership

Partner Since June 5th, 2016

The Network

RSOpt network is a multi-layered and multi-purpose structure that joins professional employment reference institutions with civil society in order to promote the social responsibility of Portuguese organizations.


The network´s mission is to work with various dimensions of social responsibility by creating and analyzing indicators, conducting and disseminating research, and by promoting education, information, and awareness campaigns. 


It is a platform of networking, learning, creativity, idea sharing, and the dissemination of knowledge and practices related to the RSO such as:

  • Strong support of Thematic Group of Work (GTT) that operationalize activities (ex: consulting, studies, disclosure, definitions of thematic indicators, training);
  • Consulting groups consisting of specialists that support various areas relating to the sustainability of social responsibility;
  • An observatory that has the responsibility to monitor RSO indicators and validate goods;
  • Practices of member organizations (collection, analysis and dissemination of indicators and social responsibility practices);
  • Communities of practice capable of creating and reaching benchmarks of good solutions





The Partnership


JDEIC integrated the network on July 5th, 2014, illustrating its adherence to the "Letter of Principles" and its determination to promote Social Responsibility as one of its primary objectives.