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European Commission's Representation in Portugal

 	European Commission - Portuguese Representation
European Commission - Portuguese Representation
Institutional Partnership

Partner Since December 8th, 1994

The Entity


The main purpose of the "European Commission's Representation in Portugal" seeks to disseminate information regarding the European Commission and other EU institutions and organizations. The Commission also aims to inform the central bodies of the Commission about the main events and movements in public opinion in Portugal regarding the European Union.


European Commission's Representation in Portugal [pt]


The Partnership


Under the management partnership, the Jacques Delors European Information Center became a constituted intermediate organization of the European Commission to promote information policies and communication about the European Union in Portugal. This partnership was signed between the European Commission and the Portuguese State on July 8, 2008 for the period 2008-2011 and was renewed on December 20, 2011 for the period 2012-2015 .

The partnership, although established for four years, is annually translated into a communication agenda that establishes priority topics and actions to be completed. This plan is expanded and accompanied by a coordination unit, in which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Parliament's cabinet and the Representation of the European Commission in Portugal.

 Management Partnership [pt]