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Fundação Portuguesa de Comunicações (Portuguese Foundation of Communications) | Communications Museum 

Fundação Portuguesa de Comunicações | Museu das Comunicações
Fundação Portuguesa de Comunicações | Museu das Comunicações
JDEIC Participation

Partner since October 8th, 2012.

The Entity


The Fundação Portuguesa das Comunicações's mission is to promote the study, and conversation of scientific and technological communications, and the dissemination of its historial heritage. It also carries out research, cooperation and image activities aimed at disseminating historial developments and new technologies in the sector and demonstrate their contribution to the economic and social development of the country and community. 


Fundação Portuguesa das Comunicações [pt]


The Partnership

The educational provision created by this partnership has as its principle objectives:

  • Provide young citizens with a web-based reference map enabling them to know and use, in a credible and cosolidated way, sites with relevant information about the European Union (EU) that can be contributed to deepening the exercise of European citizenship;
  • Permitting recipients to search, share and archive relevant information on the EU that intersects with their own interests and needs, as well as with the requirements of European citizenry;
  • Empowering youth to use adequately and consistently the Internet in the context of expanding their minds as much as in their daily lives. This will be achieved by expanding the use of the Internet in completing schoolwork and in the deepening and/or application of acquired knowledge;
  • Creating an electronic resource- as a Facebook page- that students can use as a source of information on the European Union and as a space to share and use of information useful for class/European Club.


Sources of Information on the European Union [pt]