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Librarian Associations

) 	Librarian Associations
) Librarian Associations

The Jacques Delors Library is a member of BAD, EUROLIB and IGeLU.

The European Information Centre Jacques Delors and its Jacques Delors Library are members of national and international librarian associations.





The Centre has been a member of the Portuguese Association for Librarians, Archivists and Documentalists (BAD) since 1995.


BAD aims to promote scientific, technical and cultural improvement and research of its members.





The Jacques Delors Library has been a member of the European Community and Associated Institutions Library Co-operation Group (EUROLIB) since 2009.


EUROLIB aims to promote a wider awareness of the contribution European Community libraries and associated libraries make to the institutions they serve. Through inter-library collaboration, it seeks to enhance the professional performance of the staff of the members' libraries.


The Centre's EUROLIB Profile





The Centre has been a member of International Group of Ex Libris Users (IGeLU) since its creation in 2006.


IGeLU is the collective voice for the users of Ex Libris products. The aim of this group is to reflect the needs and priorities of the Ex Libris user community, to influence software development and to offer its members a forum for sharing information.


Last Update: 28/04/2014