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Free, personalized, and expert services provided on European topics.

Check out the various services of the Jacques Delors Library, available to all registered users, across the country, in person and at a distance.


The services provided include the consulation and loan of documents, with the possibility of home delivery, guidance service and special references. The Jacques Delors Library also benefits from inter-library cooperation with several reference institutions at national and European level.

Online Services on Infoeuropa

The Jacques Delors Library offers its users, through its online research database, Infoeuropa, the possibility of making free downloads, conducting parameterized research, receive content in real time (through RSS feeds) and manage reserves and borrowed documents.


Access here: [pt]


Services available to all users:


  • Download documents for free in several formats
  • Access a variety of research methods
  • Send queries by email and share documents on social networking sites
  • Save research during sessions
  • Organize, refine and filter specific research questions
  • Add research queries to your favorites
  • Immediately transform queries into RSS feeds
  • Add Infoeuropa as a research database and use it to answer queries
  • Use the research permalink

Additional services for registered users:


  • Access "Personal Area" containing user information about loan services
  • Manage records and saved searches
  • Make online document reservations
  • Request publications (with the Citizen Card users may make requests online)
  • Create and manage Selective Diffusion of Information (DSI)
  • Obtain documents in their original form for limited access
  • Request documents
  • Receive invitations to EICJD events


How to become a registered user


If you are not a registered user yet, please sign up and take advantage of the additional services.


After you have filled out the form you will be automatically assigned a user number (ID number) and a password. If you wish to take out documents from the library and you did not register with your Citizen Card, you should come to the library with your ID number and password to complete your registration and to collect your library card.



Reading Room


The library has a reading room and research space, open Monday to Friday (10:00a.m.-5:00p.m.). This space study are available for users to conduct research, study paper documents, bibliographic references and/or digital documents.


Access to the collection that is in storage (located in JDEIC) requires prior request with the librarian, on-site or by email ( The request may take a few days to process; the user will be contacted upon arrival of the document.



Home Loan


Registered users of the Jacques Delors Library have access to a substantial amount of its content for home study. To qualify for home loans, registration can be completed either in person at the library or remotely by using the Citizen Card.


Access to the collection that is in storage requires prior request, in person with the librarian, or by email ( The request may take a few days, and the user will be contacted upon arrival of the document(s). To expedite this process, the user can adjust with JDL librarian the withdrawal of the loan in the Jacques Delors European Information Center.


Borrowed works may be sent to the user's residence. The user must, however, have registered previously in person or through the Citizen Card, provided they have the appropriate card reader.


Contact the library by phone at  (210 170 183) or by email ( for further questions regarding home loans.



Inter-library Loans


The Jacques Delors Library, in conjuction with the national reference libraries, provides its users with the inter-library loan services. The consultation of these loans is local and no other options are available.


The Jacques Delors library resolves user queries regarding document loans requested from other libraries when works requested are not available in the library catalogue. Similarly the Jacques Delors library collaborates with other libaries that, under the same conditions, wish to have access to its bibliographic background. The works are assigned to the institutions for a period of 15 days. The availability of documents depends on the availability of the material and the policy of the institution that owns them. The consulation of these loans is only local.

Learn more about this service  [pt]  and contact us by email or call 210 170 183.



Possibility of Accessing any Document on European Affairs


The Jacques Delors Library has inter-library loan protocols with several national and European libraries. Among the other partnerships, it belongs to Eurolib (network of European institutional libraries).



Documents and Materials

Documents and other promotional materials of the EU Publications Office, as well as from other EU institutions, are available free of charge. The available materials reflect wide-ranging issues and are directed toward the general public. 



Scanning and Document Digitizing Payment Service


Since Jacques Delors Library occupied the new address (Caleidocópio building), these services are not offer.


Last Update: 2017-07-27