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Our Mission and Purpose

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Building Europe Together

An international network that informs, educates and promotes the European Citizen


Our Mission


The Centre's mission is to create an educational, informative environment where we can encourage citizens, especially the youth, to participate in the European experience through the dissemination of European issues and information.




The Regulatory Decree n. 12/2012, issued on 19th January 2012, establishing the bylaws of the Directorate-General for European Affairs attributes the following responsibilities to the Centre:


  • Contribute to the development and promotion of the European Union's politics of information and communication in Portugal.
  • Promote and organise courses, workshops, seminars, meetings and internships about topics related to the European Union.
  • Publicise the openings of the selection procedures of officials of the European Union, as well as, promote and organise adequate training activities to prepare the respective candidates.


Target Audience


  • Youth/Students
  • Mass public
  • Teachers
  • Experts/Researchers


Last update: 08/08/2016