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World Research and Innovation Congress - Oceans

Conheça as intervenções efetuadas no âmbito do Congresso dos Oceanos.

Conteúdo Título Apresentação Orador

Apresentação Climate Change




Climate Change - Ocean Impacts and Projections




Hans Pörtner - Alfred-Wegner-Institute for marine and polar research

Horizonte 2020




Horizon 2020 - opportunities for oceans research





Yulia Matskevich - Brunel University


Ocean Cluster Eureka




Setting up the European Bio Marine Cluster





Pedro Sampaio Nunes - EUREKA - innovation across borders


Marine Governance



International Collaboration for Improved Marine Governance





Catarina Grilo - Fundação Calouste Gulkbenkian

Coastal zones and ecosystems



Coastal zones and ecosystems: vision, challenges and inovative approaches towards an inegrated management



Marta Rodrigues - Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil


Environmental support for maritime operations

Environmental support for maritime operations as the driver for innovation in maritime sciences and technology


Luis Quaresma - Instituto Hidrográfico
Ocean sustainability




Ocean sustainability





Henrique Cabral - MARE


Maritime Advisory




Plastic Aquatic - Creative opportunities for cleaner oceans




Simen Knudsen - Maritime Advisory






Clustering - the role of trans-regional networks





Vilhjálmur Jens Árnason - Iceland Ocean cluster


No silver bullets




No Silver Bullets: innovative & holistic thinking to move the neddle on coastal & ocean conservation




Mark J. Spalding - The Ocean Foundation


Ocean Partnerships




Ocean Partnerships





Trevor Platt & Sophie Seeyave - Partnerships for Observation of the Global Oceans


New frontier




A New Frontier





Gilles Lericdais - JPI Oceans


Blue Growth Opportunities




Blue Growth Opportunities





Miguel Marques - PwC - PricewaterhouseCoopers International limited






Strengthening the Science-Policy Interface for oceans sustainability




Dr. Wendy Watson-Wright - Intergovenmental Oceanographic Commission UNESCO


Blue Planet Oxford



Changing our relationship with the blue planet: the consequences of biodiversity loss in the ocean and some ideas on what we can do about it




Prof. Alex David Rogers - University of Oxford



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